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embroidery machines
embroidery machines

Almost everyone will have purchased or used embroidered products at one time – caps, shirts, bags, table linen, bags, home decorating items, right through to horse blankets. Our embroidery machines will help your business create beautiful designs all year round.

Many types of business and organizations buy embroidered or printed clothing and other decorated goods to help build brand identity or communicate a message. Embroidery embellishment can range from the decorative through to corporate branding. It is beautiful, timeless, and one of the most durable forms of fabric decoration around. Commercial embroidery machines provide the perfect solution to produce embroidered products in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Astech Solutions can help you navigate through the world of the embroidery business in Australia, providing guidance on selecting a new embroidery machine, acquiring a second hand embroidery machine or even just “how to” accomplish that special embroidery job in order to fulfill the ever growing market for embroidered products.

We also provide technical & training services for you & your embroidery machine – whether it be installation and commissioning of a new or second hand embroidery machine, additional training to help you get the most out of your embroidery machine and software, scheduled maintenance services or breakdown service if things go wrong.

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