Embroidery Machine Needles

Groz Beckert DB x K5 Embroidery Machine Needles

For high functional reliability in embroidery machines

The needle system DB x K5 has been specially designed for use in embroidery machines. Its use reduces skipped stitches and thread breakage, helps protect both thread and material and ensures secure loop pick-up.

Thanks to its special geometry, the DB x K5 embroidery machine needle displays higher resistance to deflection than other needle systems used in embroidery (for example DB x 1). It stands up better to the high demands made by embroidery machines.  The larger eye of the DB x K5 delivers further benefits by protecting thread and material, thus leading to less thread breakage and secure loop pick-up.

For more detailed information on appropriate embroidery machine needles for various applications, please refer to this guide:

Groz Beckert Embroidery Machine Needles

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