Triton Heat Transfer Vinyl

Triton HTV is a premium quality Rapid Peel Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV), and is a step up from some of the other “known” brands of Heat Transfer Vinyl. You’ll really notice the difference when creating complicated vinyl designs. But your most noticeable benefit comes with how easy it is to peel and weed. Once your project has been cut out, there is hardly any worry about ripping the vinyl or it taking forever to peel away. Check out the video below to see how quick & easy Triton HTV is.

Just make sure you practice with the HTV if you’re new to this medium and make sure to ask lots of questions – we’re here to help. You WILL get a consistent cut when using Triton vinyl. Each shirt or hoodie will look the same as the last one.

The Triton HTV washes well, the colors stay bright, and won’t peel away from the shirt. Triton vinyl is quite thin, so it’s pretty much flush with the fabric once it’s pressed on, which gives the finished garment a soft touch.

• Faster and Easier Weeding than ever before
• An ultra soft finish for even the most tender mermaid skin
• Beautiful GLITTER that sparkles and doesn’t wash away
• Vinyl that holds up wash after wash after wash
Our Triton HTV is 500mm wide, and is available by the metre or by the 25yd (22.8metre) roll. Priced from as little as $14.03 / metre (when purchased as a complete roll).
Also available for purchase is the ST4050A Hydraulic Heat Press which is ideal for all heat transfer & DTG applications.
Triton HTV usage / application guidelines

Triton HTV Videos

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