Dual Function Embroidery Machines

Dual Function Embroidery Machines

Flexible Productivity

After production capacity for larger runs, while requiring the flexibility to process more than one job at a time? You need a Dual Function Embroidery Machine. 

SWF Dual Function Embroidery Machine

The SWF Dual Function embroidery machines offer this and much more. Dual Function machines can operate as traditional embroidery equipment to handle large orders, or as two independent machines for smaller orders—all through a single touch-screen control panel. These machines can embroider two separate designs simultaneously and on different types of garments with great efficiency and speed.
Dual Function machines are a smarter application of existing technology, allowing you to make the most of your equipment budget. These are available in configurations of 2 x 2 (4), 2 x 3 (6), 2 x 4 (8) and 2 x 6 (12) embroidery heads, each with 15 needles per head. 

See why we think the SWF Dual Function tubular embroidery machines are the most efficient and productive embroidery machines on the market.

SWF have something to offer all embroiderers, from the start-up to the full operation embroidery shop.

All KE series Dual Function machines come standard with advanced features such as:

Dual Function operation panel