KX Series Single Head Embroidery Machine

KX Series Single Head Embroidery Machine

Smart and versatile

KX single head embroidery machine

The New Smart KX Single Head embroidery machine is one of the most versatile industrial embroidery machines available and is packed with the very latest technology.

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The KX retains all the features of the SWF KS series tubular technology – and then adds in smart features that take the versatility of this machine to the next level.

Slim Cylinder Arm

The SWF KX Series has a redesigned slim cylinder arm to improve the quality of embroidery detail onto smaller products, including sleeves, cuffs, collars, infant wear and more!

embroidery machine with wide sewing area

Wide Embroidery Area

SWF KX model has a large embroidery area of 520mm by 360mm enabling large size embroidery on a compact style embroidery machine.

Smart Action Presser Feet

An independent presser foot motor is behind the automatic adjustment of the presser foot height. This ensures great quality embroidery, regardless of the fabric thickness.

embroidery machine presser foot
embroidery machine with cap fraes

Easy Change Cap System

The Cap Frame has been re-designed and is lighter and stronger. Switching between cap frame and tubular frames is quick and easy (using thumb screws) – no tools required.

Smart Tension System (STS)

Smart Tension System automatically adjusts the thread tension by analyzing the stitch type and machine speed.
Produce consistently high-quality embroidery with STS and reduce lost productivity in manual adjustment of thread tensions.

embroidery stitch tension