ES Series Compact Single Head Embroidery Machines

ES Series Compact Single Head Embroidery Machines

Compact & Efficient

SWF/ES-T1501C Series is the most Efficient and Compact Industrial Embroidery Machine and one of the newest models to join the SWF single head range, designed with all the features of the SWF KS Series tubular technology.


With a footprint of just 73 x 73cm, these single head embroidery machines can fit to the smallest of spaces, and yet deliver the stitch quality, speed and robustness that you expect from a commercial embroidery machine.

The SWF Single Head, high speed (up to 1200spm) machines will have you pushing through your production with ease.

Incorporating a standard stitching field of 460mmx300mm – one of the largest stitching fields on a compact footprint.

As well as being equipped for flat and tubular work, the SWF Single Head Embroidery machines come standard with cap frames and drivers so that you can offer your customers the full suite of customised wearable products.

SWF’s latest technology features all-NEW Wi-Fi capability (transfer designs to your machine wirelessly), controlled by a interactive 10.4” LCD touch screen – Design Editing, Auto Lettering & Automatic Digitizing Functions included.

Great for start-up embroiderers or to add to any size embroidery shop, the single head embroidery machines (like all SWF embroidery machines) are feature packed. The SWF range of embroidery machines include many specifications which are considered options in other machine brands.