Metallic Embroidery Thread

Introducing the Bravo durable Metallic Threads – currently stocked in 11 stunning “precious metals” colours, and 10 more traditional colours, in 5000 metre cones. These threads are strong and durable, and stitch beautifully as well. Great for plain sewing and difficult embroidery jobs alike, these threads will ensure that your work stands out.

Getting the most out of metallic thread machine embroidery

Metallic threads (of all brands) do require a little bit of extra care and consideration when being used in machine embroidery. Follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll be producing stunning metallic embroidery in no time.

  • Use a quality thread (such as Bravo durable Metallic Threads).
  • Maintain the threads (this applies to all threads): store away from light, dust, heat & air vents. Keep the thread clean.
  • Use a good quality needle, designed specifically for embroidery (like the Groz Beckert DBxK5 needles )
  • Maximise thread delivery: metallic threads tend to have a stronger self-twist than ordinary embroidery threads. This can cause the thread to knot as it comes off the spool. Our Bravo metallic threads are supplied in a bag that is designed to be opened and straightened at the top (with the cone / spool still inside) while on the machine thread stand so that the thread is guided off the spool and out of the top of the bag, minimising any twisting or kinking.
  • If necessary, slow the machine down – faster speeds increase tension and heat, and can contribute to thread breaks
  • If necessary, loosen thread tensions slightly
  • Make sure your machine is clean
  • pre-test your designs – metallics are slightly thicker than standard embroidery threads, you may need to adjust stitch lengths and / or densities in the design.

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