EmbroideryStudio e4 Lettering

EmbroideryStudio Lettering Editing

Lettering, Monogramming, Customising and Machine Connection Software

Wilcom’s EmbroideryStudio e4 Lettering has all the capabilities to create and fine-tune lettering and optimize production. With full professional control of all lettering and stitch settings, over 200 digitised embroidery fonts and automatic stitching of TrueType and OpenType fonts, create professional quality naming and lettering designs quickly and easily without the need for a digitizer.

If you’re in the business of personalisation, or you outsource your digitizing, this product is for you.

  • Create beautiful monograms
  • Team naming for sports and workwear
  • Add lettering to outsourced or stock embroidery designs
  • Provide additional low cost embroidery software for admin and production staff

e4 Lettering Features

Enhanced Monogramming

The Monogramming tool helps you to quickly and easily combine type styles, decorative motifs and borders to create personalized monograms for your customers.

  • 69 professional predefined monogram designs or create your own
  • Extensive but easy to use monogramming user interface
  • Separate tabs for Designs, Letters, Ornaments and Borders
  • Advanced stitching parameters hidden unless asked for
  • Use embroidery fonts or TrueType fonts.
Auto Fabric Assistant

Quick editing for different fabric types

A design created for a towel can now be stitched on silk scarf with Auto Fabric Assistant. This tool automatically applies the most suitable underlay, pull compensation and stitch density settings for your chosen fabric.

Wilcom Embroidery Studio e4 Lettering

NEW and Improved Lettering

Choose from over 200 professionally crafted embroidery fonts or convert any TrueType or OpenType font instantly. Adjust individual letters to adapt to customer logos or to improve production.

Incorporating 25 NEW embroidery fonts including 3D foam, logo fonts and specialty fonts, Wilcom’s EmbroideryStudio e4 Editing also offers NEW predefined “Lettering Art” envelope shapes. e4 also improves on the quality of automatic TrueType / OpenType stitching and offers expanded capabilities and easier to use Team Names feature.

Standard Team Names

Easier Standard Team Names

Mail-Merge style features import a list of names, auto-fits them to your baseline and outputs for either single or multi-head production. No more manual handling of individual names.

Standard Team Names allows you to create and manage the names of individuals by team, and to import and export team members by .txt or .csv files.

Create a single baseline design with all the team names in one .EMB file, and export team names for stitching individually or in batches. You can also create a matrix layout of multiple team names in large frames.

Wilcom machine connection

Send designs to your embroidery machine with ease

Stitch Manager, Machine Manager and Connection Manager give you all the options to make sending designs to production a snap! You can also edit machine format values to get the best results.

Wilcom Designing Technical Stitching

Save time and money with fast, quality stitch results

Optimise your production with full control of underlay, pull compensation, connectors, tie ins / offs, trims, jump and stop machine functions. You can even edit individual stitches to address any problem areas.

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio Editing

Order Job Feature

Save customer, order & job details in the .EMB design file – no need for a seperate database!

The details include garment, quantities, sizes, colours & approval status.  Get your customer approval easily by displaying job details with high-res product mock-ups in .PDF format

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