The HoopMaster System

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The HoopMaster “System” is a collection of fixtures and stations designed and built for the often repetitive work of commercial embroidery.

It is one of the easiest to use hooping aids available.  Simple in design, but robustly built, the HoopMaster system allows for accurate and consistent embroidery design placement.  With the HoopMaster’s patented features you can document logo placement for quick setups and more consistent placement.  Hoopmaster fixtures are available for SWF, Tajima, Barudan, Avance, Ricoma and other commercial embroidery machine hoops, and are also available for the Mighty Hoops.

The Hoopmaster tubular hooping system will help to increase your productivity and profitability with it’s time saving and profit building features.

How does it work?

The HoopMaster Station:

The HoopMaster Station is a shirt shaped board, and is the base for garment hooping. This station is used for logo and other embroidery design placement on items such as shirts, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, and t-shirts.  Marked with a number and letter grid, the Station is also set with holes (much like a peg board) for the placement of the HoopMaster Fixture.

The HoopMaster Station is available in a standard (Adult) size, medium (33cm wide), and infant (~21cm wide). In addition, a Station extender is available to help stretch out larger garments for easy hooping.

HoopMaster Station

The HoopMaster Fixture:

The fixture is used to position the tubular embroidery hoop consistently (by utilising the number & letter grid on the HoopMaster Station) in the same position on the garment, garment after garment after garment.


Mighty Hoop Fixture

The magnetic flaps on the fixture hold the backing material in place over the lower ring while the garment is hooped.  The fixture holds the bottom ring and backing in place, while the fixture arms support the top hoop and allow for easier hooping.  Watch this video for a detailed guide on using the HoopMaster system.

Fixtures are available for most standard tubular hoops for most popular commercial embroidery machines, including SWF, Avance, Tajima, Barudan and more.

And of course, fixtures are also available for the range of Mighty Hoops (magnetic tubular embroidery hoops).

FreeStyle Arm and Portable Mounting Base

The fixtures are designed to be used on the Station as noted above, or on the Freestyle Arm.

The FreeStyle Arm was designed to help you hoop small garments.  It comes with each fixture purchased and is custom made for the size of hoop you are using.  This provides you with the most accurate and smallest hooping surface possible, making hooping in tight spots a breeze.  The FreeStyle Arm is perfect for hooping many items like: Sleeves, Cuffs, Collars, Jackets, Cap Backs, Pant Legs, Aprons, Towels, Bags, Ties, infant garments, etc.

The Portable Mounting Base is used to mount the FreeStyle arm where you are hooping items that will not fit on the Station.

HoopMaster freestyle arm

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