SWF Semi-Auto Oiling System

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Getting the correct amount of oil in to each specific oiling point on any large mutli-head embroidery machine is crucial to ensure that precision moving parts are oiled correctly for smooth running.

SWF Oiling System

Without oil, there is the potential for these precision parts to seize, resulting in machine down time and costly repairs. Getting the correct amount of oil in to each specific oiling point can also be a challenge – oiling needle bars alone can account for 120 oiling points on an eight head embroidery machine. Add to that the tubular arms (another 24 points), rotary hooks, linear guide rails, fixed heads – and so on. To complicate it further, each point may require a different quantity and / or frequency of oil. Apart from being very time consuming, there’s the potential of being distracted during the process and missing and / or over-oiling points.

SWF Oil tank

SWF have solved this with their semi-automatic oiling system standard on the K, KE, KS and KX series of their tubular multi-head embroidery machines. All that’s required is for the operator to pump the handle of the oil reservoir and the system then automatically delivers the correct quantity of oil to ALL of those hard to get to, easy to otherwise forget, oiling points. Yes, the rotary hooks may require additional (manual) oiling during peak operation.

A new employee can learn to oil a multi-head embroidery machine in minutes

The oil tank is positioned at the front of the machine in an easy to see and easy to access location. Lubrication training of a new employee can be completed in minutes. No more forgotten oiling points, incorrect frequencies or incorrect quantities of oil.

SWF Oiling System

Auto Oiling Features

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