What’s happening with SWF?

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What’s happening with SWF? – that’s the question that we are often asked after a couple of years of uncertainty.  The answer is “They’re back!”.  The SWF facility is back to full production, staff are back on board and we are back to being able to provide the full suite of products and services for the SWF Industrial Embroidery Machines.

So what happened?

The GFC was exactly that – a Global Financial Crisis that impacted the entire industry for a number of years as equipment sales dropped world wide.  Rather than take on huge debt, SunStar Co., Ltd (the SWF brand company) sought out a capital partner.  After a false start with one potential capital investor, enter Mosabe – an engineering manufacturer at the forefront of new technology and manufacturing processes and already a major supplier to Samsung.   Mosabe went one step further though, and acquired SunStar.

After the long acquisition process, SWF is now moving forward.  New models offering advanced production facilities for the user are to be launched this year, and other new ideas are being developed for release over the next few years.

As reported in printwearandpromotion.co.uk Mr Byeeong-jun Son, the chairman of Mobase and now SunStar says:

We are working towards returning the SunStar and SWF brands back to the very high standard that they achieved a few years ago. As in the past they will be the industry leaders. With our skill, knowledge and commitment to success the future is looking good. We are concentrating on our distribution network and customer support program’s initially whilst production of new machinery ramps up, whilst, at the same time, developing new skills in the SunStar Company to deliver improved products to our customers around the world.

So don’t be mis-informed – SWF is definitely back – bigger and stronger than ever!

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