One Size Kit

$1,160.00 excl GST

The Hoopmaster system is  a hooping system which is simple in design and built to withstand the punishment of a commercial environment.  Even the most inexperienced employee will find it easy to use.   Your productivity and profitability will increase as well as the quality control your customers deserve.  Put this innovative system to work for you.  The many time saving and profit building features will quickly pay for themselves.

This Kit includes:

The most common first size is the 15cm. You can add fixtures for other sizes, now or later.

$1,160.00 excl GST

Fixture Size
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12cm Avance 12cm SWF 15cm Avance 15cm SWF 18cm SWF 21cm Avance 9cm Avance 9cm SWF Other (Please Specify)
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Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 51 × 44 × 12 cm
Fixture Size

12cm Avance, 12cm SWF, 15cm Avance, 15cm SWF, 18cm SWF, 21cm Avance, 9cm Avance, 9cm SWF, Other (Please Specify)

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