Mighty Hoop FreeStyle Adjustable Fixture

$269.00 excl GST

This one fixture will hold almost all Mighty Hoops on the FreeStyle Mounting Base. It will not work for the 4.375R, 4.25×16″, or 17×16″ size hoops. You will need to have a FreeStyle Mounting base to use this part, it is not included. If you have purchased a kit in the past, you probably have the FreeStyle Mounting Base.

Please refer to the Mighty Hoop Freestyle Adjustable Fixture video for a demonstration / further information.

$269.00 excl GST

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Mighty Hoop FreeStyle Adjustable Fixture. Works only with the Freestyle Mounting Base.

Holds almost all Mighty Hoops, excluding the 4.375R, 4.25×16″ and 17×16″.

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