Adjustable Fixture to use Mighty Hoops with a HoopMaster System

$251.00 excl GST

Adjustable Mighty Hoop Fixture is capable of adjusting to hold most sizes of Mighty Hoops 6.5″ and larger on the HoopMaster Station. This includes sizes of 10×10″, 8×13″, 11×13″, 12.5×15.75″ and 13×16″.

It also holds the backing material during hooping, but unlike the 5.5 fixture, does not have arms to hold the top hoop. The fixture also has a built in drilling jig to add holes to your station.

Note: this is the 2 piece fixture only, does not include hoop or Hoopmaster Station.


$251.00 excl GST

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Adjustable Mighty Hoop Fixture. Works with Hoops of most sizes including:

  • 6.5″,
  • 7.25″,
  • 10×10″,
  • 8×9″,
  • 8×13″,
  • 11×13″,
  • 12.5×15.75″, and
  • 13×16″

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 4 cm
Frame (hoop) Size


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