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With our extensive contacts in the embroidery industry, we are able to offer for sale a number of second hand used embroidery machines. Please contact us for recent additions or if you have a machine that you wish to sell.

SWF 4 Head, 12 needle computerised embroidery machine

Brand: SWF
Model: SWF/C-UK1204-45
Description: SWF 4 Head, 12 needle computerised embroidery machine
Current Location: Sydney
Manufactured Date: 2004
This second hand SWF 4 head embroidery machine has had one owner only, has been regularly serviced and is in good working order. Complete with the full complement (8 sets of each size) hoops of 12,15 and 18cm round and 24x24cm square sizes.
Features: LCD screen
Field (sewing area): 500x450mm, or 419x439mm for tubular work
Memory capacity: 1,000,000 stitches
Speed: up to 1,000spm
Caps / Hats: Wide cap frame drivers & 8 sets of cap frames included.
Refer to brochure for this model for further details