Magnetic Fast Frames

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The Magnetic Fast Frames hoop window system works very well to hoop those items that simply don’t work with a conventional tubular hoop. The hoop windows use strong magnets to keep the items in place while your machine works its magic.  A tried-and-true product!

Features an 8-in-1 set of magnetic embroidery window hoops that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that make them suitable for hooping and stitching on a wide variety of unconventional products.  No need to adjust outer rings or force the outer ring over the product, the magnets in the top window clamp the product between the top window and the base frame, holding it firm during embroidery.

The Magnetic Fast Frames also provide great benefits such as;

  • Hooping in under 5 seconds.
  • Relief from carpel tunnel.
  • Re-usability and repeatability, great for multi-head operations.

When purchasing, please specify Machine Brand and Model.

Magnetic Fast Frames contain very strong magnets, if you have any type of medical device that can be affected by magnets, please consult your physician before ordering. By ordering you agree that you have read and understand the warnings.


$680.00 excl GST

Machine model / size
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354mm = SWF Single Compact 355mm - Ricoma / Avance 392mm = SWF UH 4/6/8 Head / Dual Function Other Machine Brand
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Hooping in 5 seconds.
Relief from carpel tunnel.
Excellent repeat-ability, great for multi-head operations.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 16 cm
Machine model / size

354mm = SWF Single Compact, 355mm – Ricoma / Avance, 392mm = SWF UH 4/6/8 Head / Dual Function, Other Machine Brand

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