Embroidery Equipment Solutions: Machines – Supplies – Know-How

The DecoStudio e3 base product includes all the basic tools common to multi-decoration.

The optional Decostudio Elements lets you add the specific functionality your business needs.

Add one, some or all of them. That way you only pay for what you need.

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Light up your designs with Bling! Use any combination of stones, colors and size to light up your design!


b2b22Virtual Decoration

Print high resolution embroidery TrueView simulation. Bring the look of embroidery to your printed designs.


b32b3Team Names Standard

Personalize team and corporate logos quickly and efficiently.



b4b42Offsets Standard

Quickly create borders around multiple objects for sports and badges. Embolden logos, badges and other designs with distinctive, colorful borders.


b5b52Auto Digitize Bitmaps

Quickly convert bitmaps to usable embroidery files