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EmbroideryStudio e3 Elements Professional embroidery and apparel decoration design software

The EmbroideryStudio e3 Designing base product includes all the basic tools common to every digitizer. The optional Elements lets you add the specific functionality your business needs.
Add one, some or all of them. That way you only pay for what you need.

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Light up your designs with Bling! Use any combination of stones, colors and size to light up your design!



b22Virtual Decoration

Print high resolution embroidery TrueView simulation. Bring the look of embroidery to your printed designs.



del31Alphabet Creator

Match logo type exactly or create unique ones all your own.



Create embroidery files for single and twin-sequin dispensing machines



Add Chenille embroidery capabilities to a lockstitch embriodery digitizing system. Create intricate Chenille designs, select from stitch types like run stitching or decorative



Create and prepare lacework and emblems precisely and efficiently.


del7del71Shading & Open Fills

Add depth and dimension to your embroidery with powerful shadows, shades and open fills. Complex shadings and open fills add dimension, color and perspective to embroidered designs.


del8del81Curved Fills

Create unique, flowing stitch patterns that add motion and dimension to any closed project.


del9del91Custom Splits

Add carving, embossing and other dimensional effects to your embroidery. Creates texture and details without increasing stitch count.


del101Wilcom Freehand elementFreehand

Create embroidery the most comfortable way: like you’re drawing with pen & paper



Create and reuse patterns for runs & fills



Convert black and white, grayscale and color images into embroidery files


del13del131Offsets Advanced

Offsets Advanced gives you more power and creative options for highlighting and adding outlines and offset borders to your customer’s designs.


del14del141Team Names Advanced

Personalize team and corporate logos quickly and efficiently


del15del151Vector Drawing

EmbroideryStudio provides a complete set of standard line and polygon tools. Create lines, rectangles, circles and ellipticals, and then apply stitching, fills and other effects. Resize, rotate, group objects and more.


del16del161Auto Arrangements

Create mirror images of any object and then position it anywhere you like.


del17del171Auto Digitize Bitmaps

Quickly convert bitmaps to usable embroidery files


del18del181Auto Shaping

End the complexities of working with multiple design objects.
Use the shaping tools to weld, remove overlaps or automatically close an object, giving you accuracy and speed.